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the awkward person

singapore pride stamp by shelzie
Neko | Singapore | ♀ | demiromantic
Hello there, I'm Neko and I'm most definitely not your normal person. I love to draw digitally, as well as traditionally. Totally awkward and quiet when meeting new people. I warm up to people slowly, but once I get to know you better, I'll be really crazy! X"D I'm always in my own world, usually thinking about things I love ♥ Feel free to talk to me, I don't bite! (Just a little slow with replies)

charries ♥ (click for refs!)

Cookies Socks

Lukas Chiiro and Panda

Vince Chan


more characters here:…

point commishies uvu

Please note me for point commissions! uwu

and I'd prefer if you send the points before I do the commission.
If you're uncomfortable, I'm okay with you sending the points after too.

:bulletred: Sketches :bulletred: 15 :points:
Additional Character +10 :points:
E.g. Requests are fun. by nekocookies

:bulletyellow: Cheeb Blob :bulletyellow: 20 :points:
Additional Character +20 :points:
E.g. ::PC:: Scoff Blob by nekocookies ::PC:: Eh Blob? by nekocookies

:bulletblack: Icons :bulletblack: 20 :points:
Animation (blink, tail wag or ear flick) +10 :points:
E.g. ::PC:: I'm so kawaii that I'll will nom your brain by nekocookies ::GA:: Fruity fruit loops by nekocookies

:bulletorange: Journal Dolls :bulletorange: 35 :points:
Animation +10 :points:
E.g. ::PC:: *blows a raspberry* by nekocookies ::PC:: Little smiles by nekocookies

:bulletgreen: Feral :bulletgreen: 40 :points:
Additional Character +15 :points:
E.g. ::AT:: Aspiring to be a champion by nekocookies ::GA:: Roses are red by nekocookies

:bulletpink: Anthro :bulletpink: 50 :points:
Additional Character +20 :points:
E.g. Estlon by nekocookies

:bulletblue: Human :bulletblue: 50 :points:
Additional Character +20 :points:
E.g ::PC:: I'm the sugar to your coffee by nekocookies ::AT:: Cutie by nekocookies

If you have any questions ask away~! :3

Sexy Bunny Stamp by L3xil3in


chillin' cucumbers uwu

Really rad cucumbers ♥
Cheshipoochi 14InAHeart lazering PippinPeanut FlyingEevee Tegechu MagicalRave Samooraii Night-Chimeras-Cry sennketsu Midoromi UmbreRoshia WizardKippy DorumonTamer favouritefi EnchantedTopaz Hanbean Lelzzy TobiIsTheHero RippedMoon LeonardX10 bunigator

Sorry if I forget you! There's so many rad people, omg. We should totally talk more! ;v;
And this is in no order of course! uwu

zoo wee mama by lazering AT:. Crazy Kids by RippedMoon
C: whoop by NlGHTF0X [Commission] Cookies N' Cream by LaughingZoroark
Cookie by KyuriTerorista commission: Vince by sweetsasu
:chibi Lukas: by PrePAWSterous ::Cookie(chibi commish):: by PrePAWSterous
::CO:: Cookies and Socks by BRAIXENS ::CO:: Lukas by BRAIXENS
.: PC : What this means to me :. by xSuicide-Season AT with nekocookies by DarkuChii
:AT: nekocookies by bunigator were playing army! by oiimi
I Ate A Sand Witch by Maoiu Rainbow veins by Tegechu
Counter Attack Against Nekocookies on AF! by Rexodus Trade for a character: Nekocookies by TheWolfsFirstWinter

I may not be online often because 

4 deviants said nak you dummy doop. dork. slowpoke with replies to comments ///smacks
3 deviants said will try to come back on weekends
No deviants said I have attachments (for my course)
No deviants said also it's for work experience
No deviants said I don't like it
No deviants said but I don't have a choice
No deviants said and reply to your comments <3


Mon Sep 8, 2014, 2:23 PM
Is glad : D
Sat Jul 26, 2014, 1:53 PM
*is back because I'm feeling better
Sat Jul 26, 2014, 8:25 AM
Take your time, alright? c:
Fri Jul 25, 2014, 11:22 AM
might not come online often, life is slapping me in the face
Tue Jul 22, 2014, 9:46 AM


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Neko is a precious shining baby angel and anybody that disagrees can fuking fight me.
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I will and thank you! ;v; <3
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I added you to my watch list because I love your username and your art is super kawaii ///w///
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oml thank you bahaha <33
the centaur bab is yours dear! <3 ;v;
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